Ómar Hauksson





Full member since 2000


Ómar was born on the 28th of January 1975. He  grew up in a neighborhood in Reykjavík called “Breiðholt,” and  graduated from a high school there called Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti (FB)  He was in a few bands before joining Quarashi, including “ Den danske død.”  (You can sometimes see him wearing a t-shirt that says “Den danske død.”) and “Trió Óla skans.”

He worked on and off wih Quarashi from 1996 -2000 on songs like Superwoman and Punk but he didn‘t join the band officially until  in 2000 right before they went to America where their popularity grew exponentially.

After Quarashi disbanded he went to school at the Iceland Academy of the Arts where he majored in Graphic design. Since then he has taken on many projects such as designing movie posters, illustrating comics and even publishing his own book (Óli Píka). In 2005-2006 he starred in a series of Smirnoff comercials in the role of Uri, an Icelandic dude with a taste for Smirnoff Ice.

He currently works at an advertising agency, as a graphic designer and runs a website where some of his graphic design work can be viewed.


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