Steinar Orri Fjeldsted

(Steini/Stoney/Ca.1/ KidrAmA)




Original member (1996)


Stoney was born on the 7th of July 1976 .  Before Quarashi he was known for being the Icelandic skateboarding champion and for his graffiti. He is a founding member of Quarashi alongside Sölvi. Quarashi came to be after they ran into each other on the streets of Reykjavík.

But Stoney’s history with rap goes further back. He started his first band at only 9 years old and played his first concert at 11. He lived in Phoenix, Arizona for a year and it is there, in America ,where he first got really into rap.

Stoney also got his “tag-name” Quarashi from his friends there, which is how Quarashi got its band name. The guys tried to find names for each other to use in the music business but Stoney was the only one with a decent name and it became the name of the band right before the release of Switchstance.

After Quarashi disbanded he has taken up various projects both in music and other ventures. He released a 4 track EP under the artist name Ca.1 back in 2005 and also performed under the name KidrAmA.

He currently owns, runs and directs , which is a website focusing on Icelandic music and grass roots culture, with his partner.


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