The Quarashi Vibe is Back!

The Quarashi Vibe is BACK!

Five years, many tries, blood, sweat, tears and loads of hard work and struggle later, here it is again, for your viewing and experiencing pleasure: The Quarashi Vibe!
A long time ago, in another place and time, two little girls idolized the greatest band to ever come out of Iceland.

The fruit of that appreciation was a website, chock full of information, news and other items related to the band called Quarashi. Unfortunately, as some unfortunate soul once put it, all good things must come to an end, and so The Vibe with all its magical content was one day cruelly vaporized by the whims of fate.

Today, in honor of the reunion of Quarashi, our dream of restoring the magic has been realized.
We give to you, Quarashi and the unyielding, undying fan-base, The Quarashi Vibe.
The finished product will only improve with time so expect it to grow and become better by leaps and bounds as we progress into a new era.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and that it conveys how much Quarashi has meant to us and done for us through the years.

You made the music to which we made our best memories.
May neither ever be forgotten.

Good times, good times. =)


~ Savon


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