Egill Ólafur Thorarensen





Full member since 2003


Egill Ólafur Thorarensen “Tiny” was born on january 17th 1984. Tiny is from a neighborhood in Reykjavík called “Hlíðar.” He went to a school named  Háteigsskóli,the first ten years of his education and then he went to college at a school named Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð (MH).

He had been working on his own music for a while and had released a song called Straight execution on a CD named Bum squad, and had also collaborated with O.N.E on one song called  For The Record  when Sölvi called up one day and asked him to come and work with Quarashi.

After Quarashi disbanded Tiny continued working on his own music, he even did a collaboration with Sölvi‘s solo project Halleluwah before Sölvi eventually teamed up with Rakel Mjöll.

Egill is currently one of the people behind the Secret Solstice music festival in Iceland.


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