Sölvi H. Blöndal





Original Member (1996)

Sölvi Blöndal was born on January 3rd 1975. He took up drumming at the age of 15, after his parents had tried their best to get him interested in other instruments without much success. He redecorated their garage to use as rehearsal space and started practicing relentlessly.

It didn’t take long before Sölvi started playing drums for various local bands; he started playing with the band Púff and later with Júpiters, which had a variety of band members. Although he hadn’t had much time to develop his skill, the lure of beer drinking and gig- playing  made him decide to give drumming a shot.

Later he joined bands such as Stjörnukisi and Ssspan. He formed Ssspan with his friends Fróði,Bogi and Gaukur ( Gaukur would later be part of another band with Sölvi, 2001, which Hössi was also a part of).

Sölvi went to college at Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík (MR) at MR he was asked to write a song for a compilation the school was putting together for an annual school dance, this was the first time Sölvi dabbled in creating his own instrumental music.  After 2001 disbanded, Sölvi decided it was time to conentrate on his own music. With an old AKAI sampler and his faithful MAC-computer as sole companions he started the process of making the music which ended up on Switchstance.


After Quarashi disbanded Sölvi went on to study economics at the University of Iceland and currently working towards a PhD in economics from the University of Stockholm. He has also been actively making music with his project Halleluwah, which consists of himself as producer and singer/ visual artist Rakel Mjöll (Raketa)

He currently works for as an economist.

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