Transcript – Quarashi on Auddi and Sveppi

Sölvi, Steini and Tiny did an interview with Icelandic TV show “Auddi & Sveppi” where they talked about the reunion and assisted the hosts in a rap battle.

An amazing interview we much enjoyed watching and even managed to enjoy transcribing although it was transcribed on a computer that works at the speed of a snail carrying an obese turtle.
We hope you enjoy this bit of fun in the sun with Quarashi as you hear from Sölvi and Steini in the beginning and are later joined by Tiny.
We did not bother to transcribe the battle that resulted between Auddi and Sveppi but you can watch it on and if enough of you ask REALLY nicely we might bother to transcribe that too…but that all depends on how many cookies we are offered for the job.

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Sveppi: Yes, welcome to the show everyone we have an absolutely packed show today

Auddi: Yes the guys from Quarashi are going to be here with us today, which in my opinion is the best Icelandic band of all time.

Sveppi: Yes they’re awesome, they’re just really good and they’re cool.

Auddi: Yeah and they have songs that are cool even today, them and Jet Black Joe are two bands who have left an awesome legacy.

Sveppi: Yes well they will be coming here to the show and amongst other things we, you and I will be having a rap battle.

Auddi: Yes that’s when two rappers… and of course we’re not rappers…

Sveppi: No

Auddi: But it’s when two rappers meet in the underworld and basically shit over each other to a beat.

Sveppi: And they rhyme.

Auddi: Exactly, it was in the 8 mile movie with Eminem…

Sveppi: And I got Steini from Quarashi to train me and Auddi got Tiny mothafucka to train him.

Auddi: Yes, and they are just arriving but just before we watch a little montage of Quarashi I have to ask you, did you watch the wedding today?

Sveppi: Who got married?

Auddi: It was just some…

Sveppi: No, Yeah I saw it live when I was at work but I couldn’t actually see the screen because there were so many people in the way.

Auddi: Yes I was just about to say, everyone was just staring at it, people stopped working and for what….some wedding in Britain?

Sveppi: And do you know what, this was so stupid, there were loads of companies that used this day to like, dress up in royal attire…cause there was a royal wedding this morning.

Auddi: Yeah yeah, I mean, there was like a cake and everything at work…

Sveppi: Yes and the weird thing is that, you know, it’s a royal wedding and everything is really fancy and then all of a sudden you see like…Rowan Atkinson, you know, Mr.Bean and it’s like…does he even know the bride and groom?

Auddi: Yes and David Beckham was there too, no it’s just cause it’s royalty so if they’re very famous in the UK then they’re invited. This tells us one thing, that if Dalla (mispronounces) or Dalla (correct pronounciation) got married

Sveppi: Dalla (giggles)

Auddi: Dalla, yes if she got married, the president’s daughter, then we should be invited. I mean why aren’t we invited and it shown live on INN with us just walking around there?

Sveppi: Yes that would be really funny and Ingvi Hrafn would be the emcee

Auddi: Yeah all like “There they come Dalla and…” what’s her husband’s name do you know?

Sveppi: No

(both laugh)

Auddi: Wait is it necessary to know these things?

Sveppi: No that’s just stupid…the husband of the daughter of the president? I couldn’t care less!

Auddi: Exactly, with all due respect to that couple, they’re lovely in all ways. This is also our first show after Easter, Jesus gave us the day off then.

Sveppi: Jesus, man, he’s a genius

Auddi: Did you do something for Easter?

Sveppi: I was in Akureyri, I was in Akureyri for the longest time!

Auddi: with your family then?

Sveppi: Yes with the family, my mom and dad and we were skiing and stuff it was a lot of fun.

Auddi: Cozy.

Sveppi: Yeah it was wonderful. How about you did you do something?

Auddi: I had a PlayStation night with Sverrir and Hugi and my Cousin..

Sveppi: Awesome. Using Easter to play some PlayStation man!

Auddi: Well that was just on the Saturday then we just had a nice quiet time. We’re not all family men Sveppi I couldn’t just take my kid skiing, well I could have but..

Sveppi: But you got in a bit of PlayStation

Auddi: That I did, but lets not dwell on that, right now we’re going to see some clips from the people who are going to be on the set here with us in a little bit…Quarashi.

Sveppi: Lets check it out.

(Stick em up plays to a montage of clips of Quarashi)

Auddi: Awesome band Quarashi and we even saw them there at their Japan concert in 2002… and they’re here on our couch now Sölvi Blöndal and Steini, welcome boys.

Steini: Thank you very much

Auddi: It’s fun to have you here

Steini: It’s good to be here.

Sveppi: Yes isn’t it? Sölvi you came to us when we were doing 70 minutes one time didn’t you?

Sölvi: Yes

Sveppi: And had loads of fun right?

Sölvi: Yes!

Auddi: You’re in Sweden now aren’t you…studying or something?

Sölvi: Yes, well I’m done studying, I studied everything I could study!

Auddi: Oh so did you move back home then?

Sölvi: No, no.

Sveppi: Do you live in Stockholm?

Sölvi: Yes

Sveppi: But Sweden isn’t really like, the coolest place on Earth…was there no other place you considered going?

Sölvi: I think it’s…

Auddi: You’ve been there quite a lot haven’t you…

Sölvi: I think they’re quite cool…If you can take the lack of a sense of humour from the Swedes then it’s the best country in the world.

Sveppi: Yes, but what are you doing in Sweden?

Sölvi:I’m working there..

Sveppi: at…

Sölvi: I’m making music there but I’m also working at a bank

Sveppi: I see..and do they know that you’re Sölvi from Quarashi?

Sölvi: No!

Sveppi: Okay..

Sölvi: Don’t be telling them that!

Auddi: Yeah we’re going to throw some YouTube videos of you doing a concert in Japan at them…

Sölvi: I would appreciate if that didn’t go anywhere beyond Iceland…

Sveppi: But Steini what have you been up to?

Steini: Lots of things really, I moved to Glasgow and now I’m back from there and I have been making some music and been making some videos as well so yeah I’ve been doing a lot of different things.

Sveppi: Did you all just flee from Iceland then?

Steini: Yeah we all got sick of it.

Auddi: Then there’s Hössi he’s in Scotland somewhere isn’t he?

Steini: Yeah, no, he’s in England…

Auddi: Yeah England somewhere…so there’s really no one left in the country.

Steini: Nope.

Sveppi: But how come you’re getting back together?

Steini: It’s just the right time, it’s been 15 years since we formed Quarashi in the garage in Vesturbærinn back in 1996…

Sveppi: Okay..

Auddi: Who were the original founding members of Quarashi?

Steini: It was me and this guy here (slaps Solvi on the knee) Sölvi Blöndal and Höskuldur Ólafsson.

Auddi: Yes it’s always been the three of you somehow.

Sölvi: Yes, well it’s a really good question “why now” and personally I’ve always thought comebacks were sort of lame, the feeling I’ve gotten from them is sort of “yeah now they want to make some money…” and in our case…it’s exactly like that!

(all laugh)

Steini: Yeah we just want the money.

Sölvi: No, I mean it’s the 15th anniversary but there’s more in the mix, I mean…I’m just not sure Steini could do this in five years’ time! I mean he’s rapping 300 words per minute…

Steini: Yeah I’ll be using a walker…

Auddi: But is that the deal, are people actually rapping like…300 words per minute?

Steini: Nah it’s more like…but it’s a whole lot of words, a lot of words

Sölvi: I don’t even know if there’s 300 words in the vocabulary?

Steini: You mean mine?

Sölvi: Yes..

(all laugh)

Steini: Thanks

Auddi: It’s ok!

Sveppi: But like, you write the songs, Sölvi you write the songs…the beat that is and you guys write the lyrics right?

Sölvi: Yes

Sveppi: And does that just go like…”alright now I’m going to write a song called Stick ‘Em Up…uhh…stick ‘em up, stick ‘em up now…” like that…nooo

Steini: Yeah it’s actually a lot like that…it’s…it comes like…it comes in all kinds of ways, most the time Sölvi will bring a beat and you’ll just sit down and then you’ll just get an idea and work with it. Sometimes a chorus will be born and sometimes you work from the name of the song, sometimes the name comes from the lyrics…

Sveppi: But like now I was reading the lyrics to Mr.Jinx

Steini: Yes

Sveppi: It’s completely hopeless to memorize it! You must be going into hard practice!

Steini: Yes of course.

Sveppi: I mean it’s not like for Björgvin Halldórsson to get up on stage and sing Þó líði ár og öld.

Steini: nooo, it’s going to be constant practicing…

Auddi: Do you remember all the lyrics right now?

Steini: Me?

Auddi: yes

Steini: I was going over them the other day and there’s an incredible amount I still remember but also an incredible amount I don’t even remember writing
Sveppi: Well you could just bullshit, can’t you do that?

Auddi: Yeah you just go “Hooooo!”

Sveppi: “Hoooo!” yeah

Steini: I mean you can always miss one and one word…

Sveppi: But you were like on the cusp of world-fame weren’t you

Sölvi: Are you telling me I wasn’t world-famous?!!

(all laugh)

Sölvi: Is that what you’re saying?!

Sveppi: Well, you were big in Japan

Steini: Yeah

Sölvi: No

Steini: No, we’re not very tall of course…

Sveppi: You were little in Japan…?

Sölvi: Steini…we were big in Japan!

Steini: Sure…

Sveppi: Yeah weren’t you very popular there?

Sölvi: We were…

Steini: Yeah…yes sure…

Auddi: Tell us Sölvi!

Sölvi: Should I tell you?

Sveppi: Yes yes yes

Steini: Bring it on…

Auddi: I mean were you about to get famous in America too…or…what went wrong?

Sölvi: We were mostly in America and we lived in America…the only reason people keep talking about Japan is that there’s some clip that always
comes on TV from Japan, so people are always like “wait, wait…you were like really big in Japan” but we were like…all over the world you know.

But it’s was not anyone from your bad that like…got saved and ruined everything..

Sölvi: Are you saying I didn’t get saved?!!

Auddi: No I mean they say that Jet Black Joe for instance, that everything got ruined for them when Páll Rósinkranz got saved and stuff…

Steini: one in this band got saved…and they never will.

(all laugh)

Sölvi: Well, being saved doesn’t necessarily mean converting to Christian believes…you could be saved to Satanism!

Sveppi: Yeah!

Auddi: You’re so deep Sölvi!

Sölvi: I think so too! I’m so glad that you see it!

Auddi: Yeah I can feel it.

Sveppi: But when did you decide that’s it, we quit, Quarashi is over?

Steini: That was…the 9th of September…nah

(all laugh)

Sveppi: a quarter past three…

Steini: It was just a case of “uh… shall we break up?” “Yeah this relationship isn’t working” “It’s not you it’s me”

Sölvi: “We’ve grown apart”, have you heard that one?

Auddi: Yes!

Sölvi: Yeah you’ve heard that a lot haven’t you?

(all laugh)

Sölvi: It was just something like that

Steini: Yeah just like that

Auddi: One more question as we’re falling short on time. Now, we see your music videos like on VH1 and stuff like that, how much money is there in that?

Steini: A looot of money

Sölvi: No money

Auddi: Steini obviously got all they money

(all laugh)

Sveppi: But didn’t you have like a song in Any Given Sunday?

Sölvi: We have loads of songs in movies and commercials

Auddi: And don’t you get any money for that?

Sölvi: I mean, yeah sure but it’s not like we’re getting rich off it…

Sveppi: It’s salt in your porridge…

Sölvi: I mean…Steini isn’t rich…I’m very rich!

Steini: Whaa??

Sveppi: He’s rich with love…(Iceladic pun)

Sölvi: He’s rich with love. No but I mean of course we just get paid.

Sveppi: But how is it are you still getting calls from people “hey we want to use your song..”

Sölvi: Yeah…we got a call from…what was that movie again? Mechanic.

Steini: Mechanic with Jason Statham or something..

Sveppi: Okay…

Steini: Yeah that has our song

Sölvi: But Steini I want to make a cute Quarashi song, I’m so tired that they put on Stick ‘em up when a dude wants to beat up his wife or something! I want, you know what I want…

Sveppi: Something nice and cozy!

Steini: I’m cozy!

Sölvi: I want… like when there’s a montage like in Rocky and the guy is like training that’s when I want a Quarahi song!

Steini: I’ve already done that!

Sveppi: Something is being born here!

Auddi: Well now it’s time for a short commercial break cause after that we have Tiny coming here because me and Sveppi are going to battle!

Sveppi: Yeah!
Auddi: We recorded it at Prikið and yes, a short commercial break then Tiny, then the battle!
(Sölvi stands up and walks off)

Sveppi: You’re leaving?!

Solvi: Yeah! (laughs)

Commerial break.

Sveppi: Auðun Blöndal and Sverrir Þór here moving on with the band Quarashi. So how are you doing Tiny?

Tiny: I’m good thank you very much!

Sveppi: You’re a rapper!

Tiny: Yes

Sveppi: Here’s your friend Steini. So when did you join the band?

Tiny: Uhm..2003

Sveppi: How old were you then?

Tiny: 19 years old

Sveppi: Oh, you were just a kitten!

Tiny: Yeah, I was a toddler!

Sveppi: So were you rapping back then?

Tiny: Yes yes yes…

Steini: We didn’t get him from some pop-band to join Quarashi!

Sveppi: No of course not.

Tiny: Well, still…I had like one underground hit so for me this was like going from 0-100. I got a lot of attention all of a sudden so it really made my head spin.

Sveppi: but it was fun right?

Tiny: Yes it was a lot of fun.

Sveppi: And you kept yourself very grounded

Tiny: Yes totally (laughs sarcastically)

Steini: No he just took off like…(makes rocket motion with hand)

(all laugh)

Auddi: Yeah you’re saying it yourself like “yeah yeah of course.”

Sveppi: But yes, we recorded-battle. Is that a popular form for rapping?

Tiny: There was much more development in that department some 10 years ago…but yes you know battling… it’s more like Dóri DNA and KJ and after they quit it’s sort of gone down a bit.

Auddi: And for those of you who don’t know what battling is, it’s like in 8 Mile with Eminem when two rappers meet to insult each other over a beat.

Steini: It goes back and forth

Tiny: Yeah it’s like that and like, you two had a paper to read off, in a real battle setting you would never… never see that.

Auddi: Yes well you guys trained us, Sveppi got Steini to train him and I got Tiny so that we could beat each other down verbally…

Sveppi: Yeah beat down!

Auddi: And yes in real life you wouldn’t see a rapper holding a paper in a battle but isn’t it true that good rappers often have some lines already prepared in the back of their mind?

Steini: Yes of course rappers are always writing and so they’ll often have some lines in mind but on the spot they’re often more taking shots at like…your shoes or something.

Sveppi: There’s a lot of improv involved

Tiny: Yes a lot of improvisation…and they say that nowadays they all have like an armoury in the back of their minds.

Auddi: But who do you think is the best battle rapper…Icelandic one.

Sveppi: Johnny Battle…he’s crazy.

Tiny: I’d say…I’d say KJ and Dóri DNA without a doubt.

Auddi: It would be fun to see an actual Iceland rap battle.

Tiny: Like I said, there was a lot more going on in that department 10 years ago… But like I said, you guys are using papers…in the rap world no one is going to be shielding you it’s all about tearing you down…You get a tough skin in this business I remember this one time I was warming up for a show when I was 16 and I took a paper with me and like the next day people were bad-mouthing me on all “fucking little idiot with his paper..”

Auddi: So like next time you battled they were like: “Hey Tiny, where’s your piece of paper?!”

Tiny: Yeah.

Auddi: Well we recorded the battle at Prikið and shall we just see it now? We have to say goodbye to the guys because they’re leaving.

Sveppi: Yes bye guys it was good to have you.

Auddi: The concert is on the 9th of July it’s “Besta Útihátiðin” right?

Tiny: Right that’s when Quarashi will be onstage!

Sveppi: For the first time in a long while!

Auddi: Right let’s just switch to the rap battle og Auddi and Sveppi then.

(Interview ends and they show the battle.)


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