Transcript – “Auddi and Sveppi”

From April 29th, 2011

Sölvi, Steini and Tiny did an interview with Icelandic TV show “Auddi & Sveppi” where they talked about the reunion and assisted the hosts in a rap battle.

An amazing interview we much enjoyed watching and even managed to enjoy transcribing although it was transcribed on a computer that works at the speed of a snail carrying an obese turtle.
We hope you enjoy this bit of fun in the sun with Quarashi as you hear from Sölvi and Steini in the beginning and are later joined by Tiny.
We did not bother to transcribe the battle that resulted between Auddi and Sveppi but you can watch it on and if enough of you ask REALLY nicely we might bother to transcribe that too…but that all depends on how many cookies we are offered for the job.

Click here to watch the interview at

Click here to read the transcript in English.

Quarashi-love to all!

Peace out,

~ Savon


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