Tiny on the radio

Tiny did an interview with Icelandic radio station FM957 where he discussed the comeback and shared some very interesting stories about his time with the band during the 2004 concerts in Japan.

Our favourite though is the overzealous radio presenter who couldn’t contain his excitement for Quarashi’s comeback and is going to light is tent on fire at this summer’s concert… us too dude!


Click here to listen to the interview in Icelandic.


Tiny’s interview with “Svali og félagar” on FM957 radio station May 5th, 2011.


(Stun Gun plays)

FM957: There it is, Stun Gun by Quarashi. It’s from the era when Tiny was in the group. Hello there.

Tiny: Hi.

FM957: How are you?

Tiny: Very good.

FM957: You haven’t change at all.

Tiny: No (laughs)

FM957 guy 1: He’s like you Svali.

FM957 guy 2: Yes. We’re exactly the same!

FM957 guy 1: Yes.

FM957 guy 2: I may have aged a bit more now, I’m so far over 30 now. But you’re still very young of course.

Tiny: Yeah, 27.

FM957: Yeah, there you go. How old were you when “the call” came

Tiny: 19 years old.

FM957: 19… How was it, wasn’t Sölvi the one who called you?

Tiny: Yes, Sölvi called and wanted to meet me. He’d heard one of my songs, “Straight Execution”, and told me he was interested in collaborating on a song together… and then it just grew from there.

FM957: You were in that song, “Stun Gun”, weren’t there some other songs?

Tiny: Yes, “Guerrilla Disco” is me.

FM957: That’s you.

Tiny: There are songs there like “Pro” which I like a lot. “Stars”, those two got played quite a lot here.

FM957: So much more than a lot! (laughs)

Tiny: Yes.

FM957: “Pro” and “Stars” have gotten 1500 – 1600 plays combined. Just to be clear!

Tiny: Yes. (laughs)

FM957 guy 1: But how about now, the Quarashi ball has started rolling again, there were reports of you reuniting with it then it was withdrawn but now Sölvi is on the cover of “Monitor” and everyone is beyond excited about it.

FM957 guy 2: I’m telling you! I’m going to “Galtalækur”! Let’s be very clear on that point!

Tiny: Yeah, if that’s the location. They aren’t 100% settled on the location but I think that’s where it will be. I’m pretty certain of it.

FM957: I’m bringing a tent and I’m setting it on fire!

Tiny: Yeah. (laughs)

FM957: I’m gona be 21 again.

Tiny: Yes, it’s funny how quickly it starts rolling because after Quarashi I detached myself completely from everything… I think we all did.

FM957: Yeah, you guys disappeared.

Tiny: Completely. And then the ball starts rolling now and it’s a bit… we went on “Strákarnir” the other day and it was a bit… the spotlight hit so quickly…

FM957:  Yeah.

Tiny: And that‘s what happened to me last time to.

FM957: There are so few people in this country and it can be a drawback that when there’s something that grabs everyone’s attention…

Tiny: Yes!

FM957: Everyone’s on it and everyone knows about it.

Tiny: Yes. I loved it last time. I thought it was great to go to “Kringlan” and see people looking at me… experiencing that for the first time.

FM957: To be a bit famous.

Tiny: Yes, exactly. But in hindsight… the spotlight is a double edged sword… it can really mess you up.

FM957: Not to mention if you’re young.

Tiny: I was very young and I think I sort of built my persona around being in Quarashi. I was 19 when… but anyways it was unbelievably fun.

FM957:  And Quarashi had such a diverse fan base. I remember when they released the first record and had “Herra Jinx” on it, it was instrumental, and I asked Sölvi “Why isn’t there rapping in this, and a hook?”

Tiny: You’re saying that you’re the brains behind it?

FM957: No! Not at all! He just said “That just isn’t us”. And then more people joined and it wasn’t just one song, but like 5 and it just happened in 6 months.

Tiny: Yeah, yeah.

FM957: And Quarashi became the biggest band in Iceland… in an instant. Loads of songs and loads of teenagers chasing them… or not just teenagers, people of all ages.

Tiny: Quarashi is always making new fans through the generations, I find it fascinating.

FM957: You travelled a bit to throw concerts…

Tiny: Yes, I went with them to Japan in 2004.

FM957: What’s that like? Showing up in Japan, big in Japan… I’ve seen videos from the concerts… and I can’t even imagine…

Tiny: Well my biggest gig before going to Japan and performed for 20.000 people in Tokyo was “Skrekkur” (Icelandic talent competition).

FM957: (laughs)

Tiny: I remember… Hössi had left the band and there was a gap that needed to be filled… and we had already made a few songs but nothing that was popular at the time and we didn’t know how the crowd would react to it. So we had to do “Stick ’em up” and more songs and Sölvi said to me… I wasn’t nervous at the whole time, just having a fantastic time in Japan, until about 16 hours before the first show… then I thought “holy shit, what have you gotten yourself into”… and Sölvi said to me… about 3 minutes before the show… “You know that all the big shots from Sony are here tonight so it sort of depends on you whether or not we get this deal”.

FM957: (laughs) No pressure then!

Tiny: So as I was walking up on stage, and it was a huge stage and it took a LONG time to get up there… I’ve never taken so long to get to a stage in my life… that’s when I started to feel faint and Ómar had to support me to the stage.

FM957: WOW!

Tiny: But I recovered after about 3 songs when the adrenaline started kicking in… and we got the deal with Sony in Japan and we then went to Osaka 3 days later and that was a kick ass show.

FM957: Really?

Tiny: Yeah it was insane.

FM957: WOW!

Tiny: It’s like… not everyone gets a chance to do stuff like this… perform in front of 20.000 people.

FM957: And in Japan!

Tiny: Exactly, in Japan.

FM957: From what we saw in the videos the crowd was losing it out there.

Tiny: Yeah, it was a lot of fun!

FM957: Big in Japan! If you get big there you’re set… let’s say you would have continued…

Tiny: The Japanese are very loyal, somewhat like fans in South America. They start liking a band and they never stop liking it. So people who liked Quarashi in the old days, they still like it. Definitely.

FM957: I still think there are loads of people… loads of moms and dads today who’re thinking “I’m going!”

Tiny: I hope so man, please do show up.

FM957 guy 1: You should call Sony in Japan and tell them “Hey we’re doing a fucking comeback should we play in Osaka or what, what’s the news?”

FM957 guy 2: Well I’m going to… before we… you’re making music yourself now?

Tiny: Yes, just started.

FM957: Have you been in hibernation?

Tiny: Musically speaking… yeah I haven’t done anything related to music since about a year ago… that’s when the need came back.

FM957: We’re going to play a brand new song by you…

(“Cold Killer” By “The Musik Zoo” Plays)

FM957: And that’s that, it was Tiny and the Music Zoo… I can’t stop calling you Tiny.

Tiny: No, well it’s my artist name, I go by it.

FM957: We’ll be right back with Tiny!
(Commercial break and “Pro” plays)

FM957: “Pro” by Quarashi! And Tiny the rebel!

Tiny: (laughs)

FM957: Or maybe you used to be a rebel.

Tiny: That’s what fascinated in rap, the rebel element.

FM957: Yeah, you were like the outcasts.

Tiny: Yeah… a bit… well when Quarashi started I was just a school boy in 8th grade, and then it was Subterranian vs. Quarashi…

FM957: Yeah they were the shit.

Tiny: Yeah, basically.

FM957: Subterranian was a cool group…

Tiny: Yeah… they had good songs.

FM957: Ragga! I went to school with her!  But enough of that. Why… Quarashi quit and you all went your separate ways… it’s been covered a few times, you just decided to quit. There may be different reasons behind it… Do you want to elaborate?

Tiny: Yeah sure. If you’d asked me about 6 months ago if Quarashi would reform I would have said no, definitely not. Me and Sölvi are good mates, in fact all of us are pretty good mates… being in a band can be trying…

FM957: Yeah.

Tiny: … then we all started meeting up, me, Steini and Sölvi and that’s when the idea came around and we were asked if we wanted to do a gig and we started getting a good vibe within the group.

FM957: It was first revealed that there would be no comeback.

Tiny: We were talking about it… and Sölvi then said in the papers “I won’t be resurrecting that dead horse” and I thought “man, who’s this old dude” buthe’s managed to squeeze out the last ounces of rock left in him for this show.

FM957: Sounds good.

Tiny: Yes, this will be a kick ass show. We’re going to rehearse like crazy and do it properly.

FM957: I can’t wait… and it’s the whole program?

Tiny: Yes.

FM957 guy 1: Shit… this will be IN-SANE!

FM957 guy 2: I don’t know about you but I can’t wait!

FM957 guy 1: We’re talking about tents and fire!

Tiny: It will be quite the festival and there are more bands lined up which I won’t give away at this point… but there will be quite a lot going on.

FM957: With all due respect to everyone else, I’ll be going to see Quarashi.

Tiny: Thanks for that.

FM957 girl 1: So it’s the first weekend of July?

Tiny: Umm… I’m not sure… I don’t know the calendar by heart but it’s on the 9th of July.

FM957: Great, amazing, wonderful!!

Tiny: (laughs)

FM957 girl 1: Yeah it’s the second weekend.

Tiny: Yeah, of course, 9 days.

FM957: It all sounds amazing! I think the hype for this will be…. Unlike anything else, we’ve never had anything like this happen before.

Tiny: It’ll be the first time me and Hössi perform together.

FM957: Really… wow.

Tiny: Yeah.

FM957: This will be LE-GEN-DA-RY.

Tiny: (laugs) rap history!

FM957: So you’ve all met and talked and had a good time together.

Tiny: I’ve met Hössi but we’ve never met all of us together… and like I said some things were yet to be worked out when we were deciding all this and that’s why it was kind of messy… it wasn’t certain if everyone was game… and there are so many people who have been involved with Quarashi through the years so we are still deciding who’s going to be there.

FM957: The more the merrier like someone said?

Tiny: Yeah, exactly.

FM957: It would be fun to see the whole crew.

Tiny: The goal is to create the best show we possibly can.

FM957: I’m getting goose bumps at the thought… awesome! I’m looking forwards to it all ready! We’re gona play one more song and I thank you so much for coming!

Tiny: Thank you!

FM957: It will be fun to see how this will go.
(Stars plays)


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