September 12th. 2002

This is dedicated to anyone who never had the chance to see Quarashi live in concert!

Remember when we asked you to bring popcorn a few days ago? Well here you have the reason!

As we are now only one month away from Quarashi’s reunion concert on July 9th. 2011 we felt we had to mark the occasion somehow.

What we have for you today is a recording of Quarashi’s biggest ever concert in Iceland, held on September 12th. 2002 at “Laugardalshöllin” in Reykjavík.

This concert is definitely time capsule material. We used to watch it about 9 times a day, every single day, that’s how awesome it is!
It’s probably also the main reason we’re crazy but we regret nothing, this is how we like it!

If audio is what you’re about we will have a download of all the songs coming up for you in the next few days!

We sure do hope this will get released on DVD at some point since even though we’ve done our best restoring it, these old VHS recordings just don’t do it justice!

Into your arms, different lyrics, sölvi drumming his heart out, it’s all here in this jam-packed little offering from us to you!

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy finally being able to share it with all of you!

~ Savon

Below is Quarashi’s pre-show interview which aired on Icelandic news program “Kastljós” a few hours before the show itself.

Please excuse the bad video quality, we will replace it as soon as we get our hands on a better quality clip, it’s just too good not to put up!

Turn on “Closed Captioning” for subtitles in English.

And without further ado! Here we have Quarashi at their very best!

Remember, “Closed Captioning” for English subtitles.



Mr. Jinx





Transparent Parents

Malone Lives

Mr. Caulfield


Dj Magic

Fuck You Puto

Stick Em’ Up

Into Your Arms

Catch 22

~ Savon

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