Transcript – “Lady Gaga to Re-work Quarashi song”

Quarashi appeared on Icelandic news program “Iceland Today” to discuss their upcoming concert and some unexpected Lady Gaga news. Check out the transcript below.

Host: Hello everyone and welcome to Iceland Today, the super-star Lady Gaga is going to make a remix of a Quarashi song for her christmas album, Sigríður Elva met with the band.

Sigríður Elva: At least that is what the manager of the band Sigtryggur Berg is telling us, he claims that he met Gaga in Berlin in the last days and introduced her to Quarashi.

Sigtryggur: She really likes Iceland and Icelandic music and has seen pictures of Iceland and such…and we started talking and I started telling her about the Quarashi come-back. Shortly after that I received a fax with her e-mail and after that I sent her the song “Mess it Up” through e-mail. She really likes it and wants to do a Christmas version of that song.

Sigríður Elva (narrating): Yes well, some people may have thought that the super-star and Christmas-Child Lady Gaga would have parted ways with her fax-machine a long time ago. The members of the band are all very excited about this.

Steini: I thought it was…

Tiny (interrupting) : Very well!

Steini: … a joke first but…very well of course! You know…this is just fun!

Sölvi: This is of course Sigtryggur who knows Stephanie and, you know…

Sigtryggur: Stephanie is Lady Gaga…just so you know.

Sigríður Elva: Yes

Sigtryggur: Gagaloo

Sigríður Elva: How do you think that song will work as a Christmas song?

Steini: Well, when I started thinking of it, it really is a bit like a Christmas song with the dundundundundundundun…

Sigtryggur: If you just add in some bells and stuff…

Sigríður Elva: One thing, she’s not using your lyrics, do you think she just didn’t feel up to the challenge of rapping?

Steini: Probably not, I think not, I mean it’s a lot of words per minute!

Sigtryggur: Well she does know the rap-world a bit and rap does pop up in her songs.

Sigríður Elva (narrating): Well this band isn’t just swapping faxes with rap-loving superstars these days cause they are also preparing for their come-back at “Besta Útihátíðin” in July.

Steini: It’s going really well, we’ve just started and we’re getting into the gear you know.

Sigtryggur: The guys also have to be careful and protect their voices, that’s part of it too.

Sölvi: I drink a lot of green tea. Yogi tea is something I drink a lot of.

Tiny: Yeah.

Sölvi: Isn’t that the best green tea that you can get?

Steini: The best I’ve ever tasted.

Sigríður Elva: Is that very rock and roll? Yogi tea?

Sölvi: Mmm…I dunno I just..

Tiny: The rock has left this band

Sölvi: I just feel better from it and you know..

Sigtryggur: Obviously before a gig you need to, you know… to get everything tip top, you need to focus on being whole in the head and your body needs to be healthy.

Sigríður Elva: Yes, health is obviously the priority here but green tea alone is obviously not goint to get people into shape.

Sölvi: We needed a bit of live coaching, Sigtryggur helped us a lot with that, because…

Sigtryggur: Discipline these men! Do you see how much better they look now than a few weeks ago? Something’s happening!

Tiny: It’s all your merit! Thanks



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