Transcript – Monitor Video Interview – Quarashi: „Hell of a Show“

Here’s a transcript of the video interview Sölvi did with Monitor that appeared on their website today.

Quarashi promises us a “Hell of a Show” and when asked about new material Sölvi neither confirms nor denies the possibility.

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Host (Einar Lövdahl) : Ahead of us is “Besta Útihátíðin” and with me in the studio are Einar Ben from “Síminn” (telephone company) and Sölvi Blöndal from Quarashi. Tell me, how is Ring and Síminn involved with this festival?

Einar Ben: The basically come in as sponsors for this awesome outdoor-festival and we’re in it first and foremost for the participation of Quarashi and GusGus. We think this is by far the biggest and coolest comeback in Iceland and GusGus is of course making everything crazy with their new album. We decided instead of going down more traditional paths and buy paper- and television advertisements, we just sat down us guys and had a chat and what came out of that was the idea that GusGus would make a remix of a Quarashi song and Quarashi a remix of a GusGus song.

Sölvi: I picked Arabian Horse and the GusGus people picked a really old Quarashi song called Dive In and they changed it completely. I think it’s insanely cool what they’ve done! It’s just, it’s completely different you know.

Host: The comeback itself will be at the festival so are you guys rehearsing a lot now?

Sölvi: We’re rehearsing, Quarashi is rehearsing a lot and it’s actually going quite well.

Host: Like riding a bike?

Sölvi: Yeah, I know it’s a total cliché to say that but none the less…it’s in there somewhere. It’s like a reflex, if you’ve done something for a very long time, it’s also mainly we’re just good homies. We’re doing something and we want to do this well, we’re gonna put up a hell of a show! And I promise…nothing less than a hell of a show!

Sölvi: New material from Quarashi? I’ve been denying it steadfastly up to now! But I don’t know..*knocking sounds in the background* Why is it, when you go on an interview there’s always something like THIS?! Seriously there’s always some banging going on or something! No, no….new Quarashi material, we’ve totally talked about it but we need to think about it a bit more you know. For me it’s always about…if there’s a good Vibe in the group, you see, then you never know what could happen.

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