Quarashi’s final swan song will be a concert at Nasa.

Quarashi has just revealed that they will be holding a  second comeback concert on July 16th at club Nasa in Reykjavík!

This piece of news is just about the best that any fan could have hoped for!

Read all about it in the translation of the article “Hinsta kveðja Quarashi verður á tónleikum á Nasa.” which appeared in today’s “Fréttablaðið.” and can be read here on visir.is.

Thank you Quarashi!


~ Savon




Quarashi’s final swan song will be a concert at Nasa.

United: All members of Quarashi enjoying yesterdays sunshine.


“All good things must at some point come to an end,” says Höskuldur Óalfsson one of Quarashi’s rappers.


Quarashi’s final concert will be held on July 16th at Nasa. After the show the group will dissolve again after a short comeback, but this time for good.
“My mother couldn’t make it to “Besta Útihátíðin” so we felt it was appropriate to hold one concert in town so she could make it,” says Höskuldur.


Quarashi’s comeback had been hard to ignore and the band will also perform at “Besta Útihátíðin” at “Gaddastaðaflatir” this weekend. 8.500 tickets have been sold for the festival so far according to its organizers and bands like Gus Gus, XXX Rottweiler and SSSól will also perform.


Höskuldur says that Quarashi will be catering to an older group of people with the final show in Reykjavík.


“We are looking at the 50 to 73 year old age group,” he says blithely, “to the people who want to see Quarashi but won’t be going to “Besta Útihátíðin.” It’s an age group we wanted to tend to since they do not have enough entertainment to choose from in the city.”


But do you think the members of Quarashi will find inner peace after this concert in Reykjavík, when the possibility of further performances has been excluded.


“I’m hoping that I will at least not have to answer any more comeback phone calls after this. They have been happening once a month since we quit,” says Höskuldur.


The night before the concert at Nasa there will be a special goodbye party at Sódóma. The band will perform in some form along with many other artists. The ticket to the final show will get you in but only as capacity allows.


But how is your voice performing?


“I’ve been studying for two years in England and haven’t been singing at all, not even karaoke,” says Höskuldur. “But I started screaming away right in the first rehearsal and then found myself surprised that my voice was quite hoarse. I’m taking steroid tablets and feel like Axl Rose. We once saw him perform in Japan. After each song he jumped back stage and got a steroid injection in his throat. I hope it won’t come to that.”


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