“Besta Útihátíðin” 2011 – Vibe Review

The air was thick with tension from the moment the name Quarashi was mentioned by some of the artists playing before them. It was almost hard to enjoy the other acts, such was the anticipation in the air.

It was the second day of “Besta Útihátíðin” 2011 and it was quite clear that most of the people there were just waiting for the big moment, when Quarashi would yet again step on stage and dole out their own brand of kick-ass.

Two acts before Quarashi, people were already displaying signs of attention deficit disorder… wondering about the grounds aimlessly, being rowdy and generally waiting impatiently for Quarashi. The atmosphere was electrifying.

After a rapper named “Kristmundur Axel” finished up his act, joyfully pointing out that the crowd would be forced to listen to him since he was playing right before Quarashi and riling up the crowd into chants of “Quarashi, Quarashi!” it was a good 15 minutes before the stage was set and the magic could happen. Men came on stage to sweep after a shower of confetti from the previous acts and you could see Quarashi’s banner being hoisted through the thick smoke.

Finally, the moment that had been so long awaited by all Quarashi fans around the world was here. Hössi, Steini, Ómar, Tiny and Sölvi stepped on stage and the crowd went absolutely ballistic! They opened with Baseline and it seemed as if no time at all had passed since the last time they performed it. They did a brilliant job and the crowd yelled along and jumped about literally vibrating with feeling.

The set list included Mess it Up for which Opee joined them on stage, Tarfur, Tamborine Cut which was absolutely amazing, Catch 22 got the crowd jumping and shouting, Brass Knuckles, Payback, Stun Gun which was one of the favorites everyone knew the lyrics to and shouted along to, Mr. Jinx which was an absolute hit with the crowd, Stars, Pro, Xeneizes which got a surprisingly powerful response from the crowd, Mr. Caulfield, Thunderball, Copy Cat, Murder Frenzy and once Weirdo starded playing it seemed as if an explosion had hit the crowd and people began jumping and fist-pumping as if there were no tomorrow.

Stick ‘Em Up and Swtichstance were the encores and it can be left to the imagination what kind of response those got, specially Stick Em Up which had continually been requested by the crowd throughout the show.

Us Vibe-girls got sucked into the mosh-pit and it was the craziest experience ever, Quarashi fans gone wild all around, a wall of humans, an ocean of people and everyone jumping, thrashing about and just enjoying the show… it was impossible to move of ones own volition.

It was an extremely gratifying show to watch, Tiny and Hössi worked really well together on stage and there was more than anything a laid back and fun vibe about the whole thing. It was quite obvious that the guys were enjoying themselves and the crowd even more so.

At some point during the show fireworks were shot but not many noticed this because all eyes were on the stage and the music was so loud that it drowned out the explosions.

The whole thing was shrouded in a veil of epicness and sprinkled with amazing. The show started around 01:30 and lasted til 3:00 and the guys managed to jam-pack that hour and a half with most of the highlights of their music-career making this one power-punch-packing energetic show that will go down in the history of gigs.

~ Savon

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