Quarashi live at Nasa July 15th. 2011 – Vibe Review

This was the show that wasn’t meant to happen.

It got added last minute due to incredible demand from Quarashi fans who weren’t able to procure a ticket for the Saturday concert. Watching the people pour into the small space of Nasa made quite an impression and as a result of the small space the show was a lot more intimate than the concert at Besta Útihátíðin. People were riled up and excited and the stage was set for an amazing night for everyone.

Quarashi delivered. The set was the same one they played at Besta Útihátíðin (the full list can be read beneath), the first song was Baseline which was exactly the right song to heat up the audience and get people moving. From there they went into Tarfur which mellowed the mood just enough for the next song, Stun Gun, as that blasted everyone shouted along and an army of fists could be seen in the air. Next up was a combination of Xeneizes and Tamborine Cut which can’t really be put into cooler words than “groovy” and that mood was directly mirrored by the enthusiastic crowd. After a bit of a build-up Opee was introduced on stage and they did Mess It Up which was well received with people singing along and jumping.

After that there was a trio of harder songs: Dead Man Walking, Copycat and Payback and yet again the atmosphere completely chanced and got a whole lot rowdier and louder, the vibe in the place was crazy as they moved into Catch 22 and Thunderball combo which was quite cool to hear.
The song that received possibly the loudest sing-along from the crowd of all the songs was Mr. Jinx and most people sang their vocal chords to pieces which should be considered quite a feat in the suffocating heat that enveloped every person in the room (we were literally sweating so much we feared the camera would short out). Weirdo was also played and that is just one of those songs it’s impossible not to absolutely trash the place to, the crowd absolutely lost it. Last but not least was Brass Knuckles and the show ended on the encores:  Switchstance and Stick ‘Em Up.

It was amazing to get to see the guys that close up and the show was pretty much hitch less and the guys worked the crowd like only they can. The best moment was without a doubt when Steini dove into the crowd and surfed around the room, it was just fucking awesome to watch. Ómar’s amazing voice during Copycat has to be mentioned because that was just such a powerful moment that it left you with chills. Another highlight was watching Hössi take to the drums for a moment with Sölvi but on the whole the entire damn show was epic and clearly these guys have something going that can’t be put into words.

After the show, the destruction that Quarashi’s force had brought to the place was best described by the sight of the Quarashi banner that hung partially detached from its fixtures and hunched above the now quiet and empty stage.

Finally we want to give a huge word of thanks to the guys for letting us come and chat with them after the show. We were pretty star-struck and it’s definitely a moment we will remember our entire lives.

Set List.

Stun Gun
Xeneizes/Tamborine Cut
Mess it up Intro
Mess it up
Dead Man Walking
Murder Frenzy
Brass Knuckles

Encores: Switchstance and Stick em Up



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