Anthology – Best of Quarashi

Anthology is Quarashi’s best of album. Released around the middle of October 2011 it coincides with the bands 15th. anniversary and is a three disc release, consisting of two CD’s and a dvd.

The Anthology package is full to the brim with both popular and rare material from Quarashi. Seldom or never has a band managed to sum up their career so efficiently, without solely releasing content which had been previously released. Therfore the package is meant both for those who want to own all of the band’s greatest hits on one album and for the hardcore fans who would like something a bit more special.

This is how the band wants to say goodbye to their fans-by making sure that Quarashi’s last release will be as magnificent as possible.



Anthology has been released digitally as of today, October 18th, 2011!


Get it here at


This is a unique chance for Quarashi’s fans, because those who buy the release through the web-store this week will receive two never-before released (or heard) Quarashi songs as a bonus. The songs will not be on the hard-copies of Anthology which will be released in stores this Saturday.

The songs are Shady Lives which was made in co-operation with Opee in 2003 shorty after Mess it Up became popular and the song An Abductee which was written for Jinx but didn’t find it’s way onto the album.


Physical copies will be available for international buyers from later this week![/box]


What Anthology Includes:

[learn_more caption=”Disc 1 – Best of”] Diskur 1 – Best Of

1. Switchstance

2. Baseline

3. Stars

4. Catch 22

5. Mess it Up

6. Stun Gun

7. Stick ´Em Up

8. Payback

9. Tarfur

10. Mr. Jinx

11. Malone Lives

12. Pro

13. Weirdo

14. Thunderball

15. Copycat

16. Race City

17. Surreal Rhyme

18. Mr. Caulfield

19. Lone Rangers

20. Xeneizes

21. Dive In

22. Bless[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Disc 2 – Extras”]

Diskur 2 – Extras

1. Diesel Power m. Prodigy (Quarashi Remix)

2. Mess it Up (Zuckakis Mondeyano remix)

3. Stun Gun (Matlock Remix)

4. Krókódílamaðurinn

5. Stars (Hermigervill Remix)

6. Arabian Horse m. GusGus (Quarashi Remix)

7, Dive In (GusGus Remix)

8. Orð Morð

9. Catch 22 (DJ Muggs Remix)

10. Herra Jinx (with vocals)

11. The Force

12. Grass

13. Into My Arms

14. Beat ‘Em

15. Eve Online Theme I

16. Speedo

17. Beam Me Up (Original Version)

18. Prímus Vox (With Árni Tryggvason)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Disc 3 – DVD”] Diskur 3- DVD

1. Stick ‘Em Up (Director: Len Wiseman)

2. Orð Morð (Director: Jón Egill Bergþórsson)

3. Race City (Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson)

4. Stars (Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson)

5. Malone Lives (Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson)

6. Mess it Up (Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson)

7. Baseline (Director: Haukur Hauksson)

8. Payback (Directors: Samúel Bjarki & Gunni)

9. Mr. Jinx (Director: Charles Jensen)

10. Surreal Rhyme (Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson)

11. Weirdo (Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson)

12. Stun Gun (Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson)

13. EPK – A short introductory video by Árna Þór Jónsson and Gauk Úlfarsson

14. Copycat – recorded at Laugardalshöllin 2002 (Director: Guðni Halldórsson)

15. Baseline at Nasa 2011 – (Director: Karó)

16. Stick ‘Em Up and Mr. Jinx in Tokyo 2002


* Quarashi in Laugardalshöllin 2002 entire show – Director Þór Freysson

* Quarashi at Besta Útihátíðinni 2011 – Director Haraldur Ási Lárusson[/learn_more]





As an early gift to the fans, Quarashi released a song on their official Facebook page on Tuesday, September 27 th.



The Song is called “Beat Em” and was supposed to be released on Jinx back in 2002, the song contains previously unreleased rhymes from Ómar and Hössi. Check it out on SoundCloud!


Quarashi – Beat em by bigital





A second Anthology preview has been released and this time it’s a taste of what we can
expect from the DVD.


It’s a live video of Baseline being performed at Quarashi’s July 15th. 2011 show at Nasa.

So far Anthology is looking pretty kick-ass!





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Quarashi Anthology

Anthology cover art by Ómar Swarez


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