Fréttablaðið – An Old Quarashi Song Sees The Light Of Day

Fréttablaðið, September 27th 2011

“It’s a typical Qurashi song from that time” Says Sölvi Blöndal one of Quarashi’s members.

As Fréttablaðið revealed on Saturday, Quarashi will be releasing a 3 disc best of album in mid-October. During the preparations for the release, Sölvi and his band mates uncovered an old song which will be available on their official Facebook page today.

The song is called Beat Em and was recorded in America in the year 2000. It didn’t make it onto the album Jinx and so had been forgotten. The song features upbeat rap rock where rappers Ómar Swarez, Steini and Hössi can be heard doing their thing.

The best of album will be called Anthology and includes 3 discs as before mentioned. The first CD will include about 20 of their most popular songs and the later CD will contain remixes and never before released material. The third disc is a dvd with music videos and all sorts of footage from live shows, there amongst will be recordings from Besta Útihátíðin and Quarashi’s final concerts at Nasa.

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