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A translation of Tiny’s interview that accompanied the release of the second preview of Anthology, Baseline live at Nasa.

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30. sep. 2011 – 17:26 Kidda Svarfdal


World premiere of a new Quarashi video – What are the guys up to today?


Tiny. (Photo by: Óskar Hallgrímsson)


Quarashi are releasing a new video to the song Baseline. This October they will also release Anthology, a best of album which will include Quarashi’s biggest hits and previously unreleased songs, included will also be a dvd containing their videos and live concerts.
We sat down with Tiny, one of Quarashi’s members.


What’s Tiny’s full name and where does the nickname come from?


My name is Egill Ólafur Thorarensen, I’m even a direct male descendant of Bjarni Thorarensyni. I’ve been calling myseld Tiny since I was 12 years old, I had to have a stage name when I first performed at age 13 so I just called myself Tiny. Stole it from a movie… not very original.


What do you do besides being a member of Quarashi?


These days I work in IT for “Síminn”, that’s my nine-to-five as they say, but I’m also recording music with a band called Musik Zoo and we’ve been pretty productive this summer in the studio and our first performance will happen at Glaumbar on October 6th.


Quarashi’s final performance happened this July, will the band reform again or have we seen the last of you?


It’s over as far as I’m concerned. This summer’s concerts were the three best concerts I’ve ever been a part of, “Besta Útihátíðin” and the two concerts at Nasa. I do not expect Quarashi to repeat it. It’s good to end it this way, now we’re moving on to other things.


What are the members of Quarashi up to these days?


I know Steini has moved to the country and become a potato farmer, Ómar has just finished shooting a horror film and is currently in Texas promoting it and Sölvi has returned to Sweden and his quest to find the perfect latté. Höskuldur just completed another master’s degree in philosophy and is deeply pensive.


When will Anthology be released? 


It will be released in the later part of October… I’m not sure about the exact date but I think it’s being printed as we speak.


Will it include any previously unreleased material?


Yes, Sölvi managed to dig up an old song called Beat Em featuring Ómari and Hössi, those interested can go to Quarashi’s official Facebook page and listened to it there. Then it will also include song which were never formally released like Race City and a song called Shady Lives featuring Opee (from Mess it Up) and many other interesting things. Anthology will be packed with videos from old concerts, Besta Útihátíðin, music videos and this video we are premiering here on Pressan

So what will you be doing this winter? Any highlights?


I’m recording music and working. It’s been a while since I recorded music to speak of. Sort of since 2003, but I look forwards to releasing new music and performing it. There’s plenty ahead.


Any final words!


Yes, I want to thank everyone who came to the concerts and helped making it one of the biggest music events of the 2011 summer.



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