Transcript – Sölvi on Harmageddon Sept. 27th 2011

A transcript of Sölvi’s interview on the radio show Harmageddon on September 27th. 2011.

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Máni:  We’ve got two rappers in the house.

Erpur:  Now we’ve outnumbered you Máni.

Máni: Sölvi is a drummer mind you.

Erpur: being a drummer is cool by the way.

Sölvi: Thank you for that.

Máni: Erpur is the only guy who thinks it’s cool to be a drummer… isn’t it the drummer who gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in the band?

Sölvi: Yeah… it’s a double edged sword and Erpur knows how it is of course.

Erpur: To drive the music you need a base and drums and then you’re good to go.

Sölvi: A base at least!

Máni: Hey Sölvi… you’re here all the way from Sweden aren’t you

Erpur: Straight from the bank of Sweden, fresh from discussing the latest economy statistics.

Sölvi: (laughs)

(We’ve taken the liberty of leaving out a very long discussion about the Icelandic economic crisis.
If you’re honestly interested in hearing about the banks and what not let us know and we’ll add it.)

Máni: Well you are at least hoping that things are getting better so that people can buy the best of Quarashi album?

Sölvi: I want best of Quarashi to go to the people. It won’t be expensive but it’s a lot of content and a lot of quality.

Erpur: How much will it cost?

Sölvi: I don’t know… what did Mugison sell his latest album for 2.000 kr?

Erpur: 2.000 kr. which I find OK but now stores like Skífan are selling it for 2.800 kr.

Máni: And Mugison is selling it himself for 2.000 kr?

Erpur: Yes.

Máni: Damn he’s cool!

Erpur: I find it extremely cool.

Sölvi: Money in the pocket.

Erpur: Cause the wholesale price is what it is and then the stores will add something on top of that.

Máni: Yes but the wholesale price plus the VAT on top is a bit much in most cases.

Erpur: isn’t 1.600 kr?

Máni:  You can’t keep a store open… you see it’s under 100% mark-up and usually everything carries at least a 100% mark-up. When a record store buys an album for a 1.600 kr. and is expected to sell it for 2.000 kr. the store will not be able to pay its employees or pay the rent… just to keep everything clear.

Erpur: Isn’t the superstructure still to vast?

Máni: in the record stores?

Erpur: Yes.

Máni: There are two record stores…

Erpur: Yes I know and they are super fancy.

Máni: Are they fancy?

Erpur: When you walk into “12 Tónar” you feel like you’re in a shipping container at “Kárahnjúkar” and then you walk into “Skífan” and you feel like you’re in a Bulgarian brothel.

Sölvi: I’m always handed a glass of Whiskey when I go to “12 Tónar”.

Erpur: They manage to finance that!

Sölvi: I find it very cool.

Máni: Isn’t that just because they’re constantly drinking something?

Erpur: Yes well… but it’s always nice to share with others.

Máni: Maybe. Anyways, Sölvi you have a new song.

Sölvi: Yes, man.

Máni: We were listening to it earlier and it’s authentic old-school Quarashi.

Sölvi: It’s a beast!

Máni: It’s music as we like it best.

Sölvi: Yeah it’s a song we forgot… lost it. In the year 2000 and then it just popped up the other day and we decided it was rather good.

Erpur: It’s a bit… is Quarashi a bit like 2pac…

Sölvi: (Laughs)

Erpur: You quit a long time ago but still keep finding lost verses.

Sölvi: How many albums have been released again since 2pac died?

Erpur: Weren’t there like 4 last year alone.

(Everyone laughs.)

Erpur: Something like Thug life forever… volume 5.

Sölvi: There isn’t a whole lot of new stuff but you know what… Steini… Steini from Quarashi he’s become a potato farmer.

Erpur: That’s… about time!

Sölvi: I kid you not… I’m not joking!

Erpur: In “Þykkvabær”?

Sölvi: He moved to “Laugavatn”

Erpur: Awesome!

Máni: I like that. It’s a wonderful place to be.

Sölvi: He used the money from this summers concerts and bought a house in Laugavatn.

Erpur: Yes.

Sölvi: He’s cool.

Máni: Fuck, I envy him.

Sölvi: He just knows better than the rest of us.

Erpur: I remember! I remember a long time ago like 2003 or 2002, the time you guys were going to America and stuff.

Sölvi: Right.

Erpur: I met him backstage at Nasa and he was lying there as often before in his own bodily fluids but friendly non the less and he looked up at me and told me, he said “Erpur let me whisper something in your ear… I’ve always wanted to become a potato farmer… all the sex and the alchohol… it’s all bullshit.” And now he’s made that dream come true!

Sölvi: Don’t you find it beautiful!

Máni: It’s beautiful! Genius! Fuck I envy him! I’m thinking about doing the same thing.

Sölvi: Just think about the peace and quiet… none of this crap.

Erpur: Pulling “gullaugu” out of the earth… Icelandic reds…

Sölvi: Yes…

Máni: It’s beautiful! What’s the name of the song Sölvi? And when will the album be released, we have to know that?

Sölvi: Around the middle of October… it’s ready.

Máni: It’s ready and at the manufacturers?

Sölvi: Yes and the song is called Beat Em.

Erpur: And it’s a best of album with one or two newish songs…

Sölvi: There’s a whole CD with unreleased material and remixes and stuff and demos… this song is just one of those.

Erpur: So it’s not a best of album… just a collection of unreleased stuff?

Sölvi: No! Then there’s also a whole best of CD with all the hits.

Erpur: So it’s not together like Bubbi does it?

Sölvi: Yes it’s together, it’s a whole package and there will also be a dvd with our music videos and footage from this summer’s Besta Útihátiðin… no wait, wasn’t it this summer?

Erpur: Yes… no… (Laughs)

Sölvi: You can see, one has become completely confused. (Laughs)

Erpur: Yeah the Swedish banks are fucking you up. But yes this will be released before Christmas?

Sölvi: Yes it will be released around the middle of October and it’s a heavy package. I recommend that people check it out… yeah there’s a lot of stuff on it, I got many flashbacks while putting it together.

Erpur: You might even be able to find the verse that I once rapped with you guys at “Gróðurhúsið” in 1998.

Sölvi: Didn’t you think that studio was cool?

Erpur: It’s crazy… Margeir, for people who know this stuff, should check him out. He has an amazing studio, it’s a house that has been converted to a studio. And not only have Björk and Quarashi… and I and Sigurrós recorded stuff there but also Morten Harket… I’ve been there while he was there.

Sölvi: Has someone musically intelligent decided yet whether Morten Harket is cool or not? Cause someone told me the other day that Aha was a cool band.

Erpur: I think it is. But the he went solo and I remember him once from “Kaffibarinn” talking about how he couldn’t understand why people were always asking him for an Aha comeback and he himself wasn’t getting booked very much… and maybe that is the difference between Morten Harket and Aha.

Sölvi: Yeah…

Erpur: Like he didn’t really have a chance outside of the band.

Sölvi: He’s a good looking guy however.

Máni: Very handsome.

Erpur: I’d do him… any day.

Máni: Well listen… it’s the middle of October… New song… Beat Em.

Sölvi: Throw it on!

(Beat Em plays… en of Interview.)



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