Quarashi Live Album Released – “Quarashi á NASA”

It feels like Christmas here in Quarashi land as the guys have just released another brand new album!
This time it’s a live album from this summer’s comeback concerts at club NASA in Reykjavík.

The album which is only released in digital form is available for international fans at Icelandic music site icelandicmusic.com for $7.99!

Alternatively the album comes as a free extra if you purchase the digital version of Quarashi’s “Anthology” (as of November 23rd.) since the online version of the best of album does not include the dvd material. With the purchase of “Anthology” the live album is included as additional free material to the 2 previously added songs “An Abductee” and “Shady Lives”.

This album is Quarashi’s final release but some members of the band are still working on music in their own right as both Steini and Tiny are well on their way to releasing solo material.

No resources were spared in making the concert sound as good as possible and according to the official press release the guys are quite happy with the outcome!

The album includes 12 of the 20 songs performed.

[learn_more caption=”Track List: “]

01. Baseline

02. Tarfur

03. Stun Gun

04. Xeneizes

05. Pro

06. Mr. Caulfield

07. Mess it Up (feat. Opee)

08. Payback

09. Thunderball

10. Mr. Jinx

11. Stars

12. Stick ‘Em Up


[box type=”shadow”]
Pro (live at Nasa 2011) – will be released to radio as a single to promote the album.

Quarashi – Pro (live at Nasa 2011) by bigital [/box]

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