Buy 1000 Eyes on!

You can now buy Sölvi and Tiny’s new song “1000 Eyes” on for $1!

Here’s a translation from the Icelandic version of the website which also concerns Sölvi’s new solo project.

“The song 1000 Eyes is the first song of Tiny’s upcoming solo album. Tiny should be well known to Icelandic music enthusiasts for his work with Quarashi which was Iceland’s most popular band for many years. There are however few thing here that will remind you of Quarashi even though former band mates Sölvi Blöndal and Tiny collaborate on this track along side singer Þórunn Antonía. 1000 Eyes is also the first song Sölvi Blöndal has released in a long time but more can be expected from him as he is now collaborating with quite a few Icelandic and foreign artist under the working title, Halleluwah.”

Personally, we couldn’t ask for better news!

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