Fréttablaðið – Exchanging the suit for the sneakers.


Fréttablaðið, May 16th, 2012


“I got the bug again and why not just go for it?” says musician and economist Sölvi Blöndal.

He’s neck deep in music again after a self-appointed exile from the music-scene. He is composing the music for the forthcoming solo-record of rapper Tiny, the first song from the record, 1000 Eyes was released yesterday. Sölvi is also the man behind the umbrella project Halleluwah, for that project he is working with different rappers and an album is in the making.

Sölvi has been living in Sweden in the last years. At first he was studying economics there but now he is doing economics research for the University of Stockholm and The Central Bank of Sweden.

It was, infact, said research that lit a spark for him again. “One fine day, about a year and a half ago, I had enough. I took a month and a half off and worked on a load of new ideas and they’re becoming reality now,” he says and continues: “The Quarashi come-back last year completely messed my head up. I had decided to say farewell to all of this stuff but now I’m neck deep in it again.”

The band Quarashi disbanded in 2005 and after that Sölvi took part in writing a song for Silvia Nótt. ” Since then I haven’t really done anything until I was thrown back on stage for the Quarashi come-back. I was sort of in shock but it was a lot of fun.”

Sölvi has a good feeling about the Halleluwah-project. For the project he is working with all kinds of people, there amongst is the Swedish rapper Eboi and the Icelandic Tiny and Opee. “It’s going to be a “sixties”-theme mixed with hip-hop,” he says and adds that the music will be a lot more experimental than Quarashi fans are used to. The first single from Halleluwah, K2R, will be dropping in the beginning of June with Tiny at the mic.

When asked Sölvi says that music and economics research make a good combo. “I sit and calculate a lot. Then it’s like some kind of demon begins to grow in me and then there’s just two things to do, go out for a run or make some music.” Sölvi actually does both because he is aiming to run in the Stockholm marathon at the end of the month, that is if he can find the time to. “It’s an expensive hobby,” he says about music. “Some people go fishing but this is just what I love to do.”

Even though he tried to say goodbye to the music-bug it wasn’t enough. “I even put on a suit but then I just lost it again. I’m back in sneakers now.”

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