Rás 2 – Tiny speaks to Poppland about 1000 Eyes

A transcript of Tiny’s interview on Rás 2 from May 29th. 2012.

Listen to the interview here: http://www.ruv.is/sarpurinn/poppland/29052012 (Tiny comes in around the 147th. minute)

Interviewer: „And that was Never Forget with Gréta and Jónsi who made it to the 19th-20th place in the Eurovision contest, but here we‘ve got the rapper Tiny. Welcome!“

Tiny: „Yeah, hey.“

Interviewer: „Did you watch Eurovision on Saturday?“

Tiny: „No actually I didn‘t, I watched when the points were given out though“

Interviewer: „yeah..“

Tiny: „that didn‘t quite go as people expected but…“

Interviewer: „No it seems our Eurovision prophets went wrong somewhere with their crystal balls.“

Tiny: „Isn‘t that just Páll Óskar and Páll Óskar basically?“

Interviewer: „ *awkward laughter* There were a few other there I think…“

Tiny: „Okay then..“

Interviewer: „Alright ,but the rating is the most fun part to watch anyway for most people…“

Tiny: „Yes well, I was working so I just managed to watch the rating.“

Interviewer: „So what is it you do in life when you‘re not being a musician?“

Tiny: „uhm…right now, this summer, I‘m answering the telephone for the technical assistance at Síminn (an Icelandic phone company), so I‘m basically just assisting people with technical problems, faulty equipment etc. „

Interviewer: „Exactly, but you are best known for having been in Quarashi.“

Tiny: „Yeah…“

Interviewer: „The late band which finally got its funeral last year..“

Tiny: „Last year yes…“

Interviewer: „That was quite an adventure?“

Tiny: „It was insane man! 10.000 people at Besta Útihátíðin and then two packed gigs at Nasa, specially in light of the fact that Nasa is going under now it‘s fun to have that as a part of our memories.

Interviewer: „You traveled the world with them didn‘t you?“

Tiny: „I went to Japan with them and also to New York, in New York is where I met the Vinyl Brothers who are part of Muzik Zoo with me now. That‘s a friendship that‘s lasted for long, it was an amazing trip…there are videos from that trip that have been locked away in a chest somewhere… and will not be taken up again, not until people are dead or writing their biographies or something.

Interviewer: „Yes, I see, I see…it was obviously a great time. But you are here today with a new song that you worked on with Sölvi…“

Tiny: „We wrote it last year as a result of the Quarashi comeback. He had been making some beats and handed me this one and I decided to do it, why not? Then we decided to release it now for the summer.“

Interviewer: „Like a summer-song…“

Tiny: „Yeah, summer song or not….that‘s precisely the thing, people are always trying to aim for a summer-hit, it just happened that way that we finished the mixing and mastering the other day so we just decided to release it.“

Interviewer: „Summer is the time as the king said“

Tiny: „Summer is the time, yes…“

Interviewer: „isn‘t it?“

Tiny: „Yeah, of course man! Have you seen the weather today!“

Interviewer: „You‘re just in a t-shirt and shorts and stuff and I‘m stuck in this fish tank!“

Tiny: „Not for long though!“

Interviewer: „Nah, I‘m almost done, I‘ve got 40 minutes left.“

Tiny: „Okay…are you going to the swimming pool?“

Interviewer: „I don‘t know…“

Tiny: „I‘m definitely going swimming after this…“

Interviewer: „Yeah or maybe I‘ll wax the car..“

Tiny: „Hehe, wax the car!

Interviewer: „Yeah, I mean, it‘s like exercise and being outdoors at the same time!“

Tiny: „Yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah…I  had a bad experience the other day, someone had spread some kind of meat-based fertilizer on the field near H.K. and it looked like ragnarök…you‘ve seen the way shoals of fish can circle? It was like that but with seagulls…I mean you couldn‘t even see the sun and I was like what‘s happening? So I just walked to my car and it was literally covered in seagull droppings, they shat it down! „

Interviewer: „I‘ve had that happen too!“

Tiny: „Yeah I obviously have someone to thank for that…someone who put that fertilizer on the field, I don‘t even know what the thought behind that was!“

Interviewer: „I don‘t know what that thought would have been. But tell me about the new song, how would you describe it?“
Tiny: „It‘s sort of a story about a girl who has had her day and is kind of a victim of beauty, It‘s a slightly dramatic rhyme, and she hasn‘t really played her cards well but I don‘t really like talking about my lyrics, I think it‘s more fun when people listen to them and they can even go online and read them if they want.“

Interviewer: „They can just figure it out for themselves.“

Tiny: „Exactly“

Interviewer: „One more thing before I let you go, what‘s next for you? I know you‘re working a lot with Muzik Zoo right now…“

Tiny: „There‘s a song with Muzik Zoo, there‘s the FM festival now, that will be my first time performing this song onstage and then I just don‘t know, there was mention of a solo-album from me in the papers the other day, that‘s not exactly right but I am working on some material, however, I‘m not putting any pressure on myself to get a solo-album done.
Interviewer: „No, but is Muzik Zoo your band today?“

Tiny: „Yeah well, with Muzik Zoo I‘m working steadily at releasing songs and what I‘m mainly interested in now is to make cool videos and cool songs and if someone comes along and hands me a record deal then great! But I‘m just going to sort of see where this leads.“

Interviewer: „Yes, well thanks for being with us and lets hear the song…1000 Eyes.“

Tiny: „Thanks.“

*1000 Eyes Plays*

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