K2R video Premiere!

Oh dear! Look at the time! Seems we’ve let the ball drop for a little bit here. Forgive us dear people. Our lives seem to have gotten in the way of our reporting but now we have put our lives on their respective shelves so we may QUARASHI… or HALLELUWAH, as it were.

So… we are very happy to announce in latest news that the video to Sölvi and Tiny’s song K2R will be premiered in Sweden at Barbro in Stockholm tomorrow night, September 28th and then again in Iceland at the Halleluwah hot-spot, Prikið, on October 4th.

Check out the event pages below



If you are going to the Stockholm gig, please let us know! We wont be able to make it and need a correspondent!

We will catch you up on the rest in coming days as Hallewluwah is getting ready for their first release but in the meantime…

Peace, love and Halleluwah!

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