Quarashi Returns 2014

Fréttablaðið – April 10th. 2014 THURSDAY
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“We swore and promised that we would never ever do this again but that promise was only aimed at mainland Iceland. We have never performed at the festival in Vestmannaeyjar before. This is, without a doubt, going to be the biggest music festival of the year. That’s why we felt it was a logical continuation for Quarashi to go there,” says Sölvi Blöndal from the band Quarashi which will be playing at the Þjóðhátið music festival in Vestmannaeyjar for the national holiday weekend Verslunarmannahelgin. All original members will be performing with Sölvi on stage in Herjólfsdalur, they are Höskuldur Ólafsson, Steinar Fjeldsted and Ómar „Swarez“ Hauksson, as well as Egill „Tiny“ Thorarensen who replaced Höskuldur when he left the band in the year 2002. “Quarashi’s history spans nine years, many albums and dozens of songs. We are going to perform material from all of those albums and will be putting a lot of effort into it. It will be one hell of a program and it is ridiculously fun to stand on stage in front of ten to fifteen thousand people. It can be expected to be the most impressive concert of the year although Justin Timberlake is tough competition,” Sölvi says jokingly.

Quarashi has quite a few hits from their career and enjoyed great success overseas shortly after the year 2000. Their music was used in many TV shows and movies. Songs such as Stick ’Em Up and Mr. Jinx were used in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Alias, Smallville and in promotional material for the NBA which aired on TNT. In addition songs from Quarashi’s album Jinx, which was released in 2002, have been used for video games such as Amplitude, NFL Blitz, Transworld Snowboarding and Madden NFL.The song Stick ’Em Up was also used in the movies Death Race 2 and The Mechanic. So there will be plenty of material to choose from for the concert in Vestmannaeyjar but when asked if Quarashi will also be performing new material Sölvi turns mysterious. “I can’t answer that.”

Fréttablaðið revealed on Tuesday that the bands Skítamórall, Kaleo and Mammút were the first three bands to announce that they would be playing at the festival but Sölvi says that the selection of bands this year had a great impact on the member’s choice to perform. “It played a big part in our decision to come together for this festival. Þjóðhátið in Vestmannaeyjar as a music festival has changed and this year Mammút, Kaleo and many other interesting bands will be playing there,” says Sölvi who has started to get himself in shape for the uproar expected on stage.

“Once it was decided a certain program kicked in. My program involves swimming two and a half kilometers freestyle stroke per week. I’m very serious about being in shape for this and I think the other members share that concern with me. I have been in hospital once this year and I don’t want to end up there again. It’s a long story but to make it short I had a snowboarding accident.”

Quarashi last came together at the Besta Útihátíð festival 2011 but Sölvi says that the band is not getting back together. “The band is still finished and will be finished after the concert. It’s a dead horse and will only be put before the carriage for a very short while. After that it will be put back to sleep.”


• Quarashi was formed in the year1996
• Released four albums: Quarashi (1997), Xeneizes (1999), Jinx
(2002) and Guerilla Disco (2004). Additionally they also released the best of Album
Anthology in 2011
• They have sold about 400.000 records worldwide.
• Has collaborated and performed with artists such as Cypress Hill,
Prodigy, Eminem and Weezer
• All of the band’s albums went gold in Iceland.
• Between the years 2000 to 2003 the band was signed with Columbia Records and
EMI Music in the U.S.A.
• The video to Stick ‘Em Up was nominated for an MTV Video Music-award in 2002 but lost out to Trouble with Coldplay.
• In 2002 Höskuldur Ólafsson left the band and Egill “Tiny” Thorarensen took his place.
• Quarashi disbanded in 2005.

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