First music video in nearly a decade

This is a translation of an article which appeared on Icelandic news-website on July 3rd 2014.
The original article can be viewed here.

Quarashi performing in 2011. Ernir Eyjólfsson


As reported by Monitor last Friday, Quarashi shot a music video to their latest single “Rock On” over the weekend. The band has decided not to waste any time producing the video and will be releasing it tomorrow, Friday, July 4th; this news will undoubtedly be well received by the band’s countless fans as they’ve had to wait for almost a decade for a new video from the rap group.

„Rock On” was released on May 15th to celebrate the band reuniting and it has been quite successful on Icelandic radio. Taking part in the video accompanying the song are Egill „TINY“ Ólaf­ur Thor­ar­en­sen, Stein­ar Fjeld­sted and Sölvi Blön­dal. The video, directed by Ei­lífur Örn Þrast­ar­son, is a journey into the 90’s nostalgia that the band represents and among other things featured in the video is outdated technology in the form of cassettes and VHS players.

In Quarashi’s eight year career the band sold around 400 thousand albums worldwide, performed at hundreds of shows in four continents along with collaborating with world renowned artists like Cypress Hill and The Prodigy, Em­inem, Guns and Roses, Weezer and others.

Quarashi last released the album Guerrilla Disco in 2005 and their last concert took place in 2011 as part of a reunion performance where the band’s most notable hits where performed in front of 12.000 people at Hella. The band is set for another return this year after three years away when they’ll perform at Þjóðhátíð and according the band’s members; this will be their “final gig”.

Screenshot from “Rock On“.
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