Rejected Þjóðhátíð twice

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Rejected þjóðhátíð twice



This is what Quarashi looked like when they released “Mess It Up”. Árni Sæ­berg

Quarashi‘s front runner , Sölvi Blön­dal, has never been to Þjóðhátíð festival before. The band will come together again after almost a decade in Herjólfsdalur for the holiday weekend at the start of August after having rejected the offer twice before.

“We were able to kill two birds with one stone,” says Sölvi about the reasons behind the band’s decision to get together again. “Going to Westman Islands, which we have never done, and playing in “The Valley” which we are told is one of the coolest venues in the country. It was hard to say no, and the third time we were asked we decided to look into it.

I’m hoping to see a puffin, meet real life Westman Islanders, go into one of those white tents I’ve seen in the papers and play a 20.000 person gig without hurting myself or others” says Sölvi about his expectations for his first time at Þjóðhátíð.

The band will be performing on Saturday night and this year will be the first time that special Saturday-passes will be available, much like the Sunday-passes that have been very popular in the last few years.



Sölvi Blön­dal says a new track is possibly going to be released in September. Golli / Kjart­an Þor­björns­son


The Saturday-passes are being sold in collaboration with Vodafone and an abundant program of performances has been put together for the evening.

“Isn’t it just a completely different thing?” asks Sölvi when he is asked if the Saturday night will be anywhere near as good as the Sunday. “It’s really cool to see the ambition behind the Saturday program. I bet singing in “the slope” will be fun, but I would cast my vote for Saturday.”

Despite the rising average age for the band, Sölvi says they still have what it takes. “We are playing for an hour and a half and we will bring out every weapon in the Quarashi-arsenal.”


New song in September

Earlier this month, rapper Tiny said there was not even a slight possibility of the band getting back together after Þjóðhátíð but Sölvi does not assert anything of the sort. “It’s a good feeling to be playing again. The band Quarashi is a strange contraption for which nothing is impossible. I’ve gotten used to it so I’m not all that worried about whether we are playing for the last time or not. I’ve stopped trying to predict it,” says Sölvi

In regards to any plans the band may have after Þjóðhátíð, Sölvi quotes Jay Z and says: “On to the next one”. “It’s very possible that a new Quarashi song will see the light of day in September or even sooner. Right now “after Þjóðhátíð” is very far away, but I know from experience that life goes on after a concert, even a big concert.”


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