Quarashi members satisfied: “The reception we got from the audience was indescribable.”

This is a translation of an article which appeared on Icelandic news-website visir.is on August 5th 2014.
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Quarashi members satisfied:
[quote]“The reception we got from the audience was indescribable.” [/quote]

Music – 5:40 p.m., August 5th, 2014


The vibe at the concert was intense. PICTURE/ANDREA RÁN JÓHANNSDÓTTIR


Kjartan Atli Kjartansson writes:

Rapper Egill Ólafur Thorarensen, a.k.a. Tiny, says the members of Quarashi are extremely satisfied after their successful gig in Herjólfsdalur valley on Saturday night.
[quote]“These were some of the most fired up audience members I have ever seen,”said Egill.[/quote] The band has now sent one of their fans, who happened to have an accident and break her nose at the concert, an autographed copy of the DVD from the Besta Útihátíðin 3 years ago (2011). [quote]“Of course we’re very sad that she was injured,” says Egill.[/quote]


An indescribable reception

Egill says that the band’s concert on Saturday night was absolutely unbelievable. [quote]“People knew all the songs and sang along. Everyone was jazzed up for it. It even got a bit too much so we had to take a little break after our third song and try to calm people down. I saw that the patrollers had to cut in quite a few times and maybe it should be mentioned that those who worked at keeping watch and patrolling did a fine job,” says Egill.[/quote]
The guys in Quarashi care about their fans and when they read in Vísir this morning that Svava Dís Guðmundsdóttir had broken her nose during the concert they decided to send her an autographed copy from their concert 3 years ago at Besta Útihátíðin. Svava travelled to Westman Islands just to see Quarashi perform but in the midst of all the commotion she broke her nose and so was only able to hear 3 songs from the performance.[quote]“We hope this will be some consolation to her. We don’t like it when people are hurt at our gigs.”[/quote]A reporter from Vísir contacted Svava who says she is pleased with the band’s present.


The Final Concert

Egill says that this was the band’s last concert.[quote] “Yes, this is the last time we will perform. Of course, we did say that last time too and you can never be sure about what is coming but I am pretty certain that we are all in agreement that this will be our last time performing together.”[/quote]

Egill says the members of Quarashi are very thankful for the welcome they received in the Westman Islands.[quote] “It was an amazing experience. People knew all the songs, everyone was fired up. The receptions we got were crazy. Between two songs I asked people to make some noise and the response I got was indescribable. My ears hurt, that’s how loud the volume was.”[/quote]


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