Quarashi vs The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

In 2001, Quarashi became the first ever hip hop/rap act to perform live with a 70-piece Symphony Orchestra.

The outcome was only performed once in front of live audience in Reykjavik in the fall of 2001. There are no known plans for releasing this material but the recordings have had limited circulation online.

Now here’s your chance to hear the concert the way it was meant to be heard!

Over the next 7 days we will be releasing one song a day from the concert, starting with today’s Baseline, here on Quarashi official and YouTube and at the end you will get the opportunity to download all of them at once!

So sit back and enjoy a little classic with your hip hop!

Follow the process and each day’s release in more detail along with bonus material here: http://www.thequarashivibe.com/quarashi-vs-the-icelandic-symphony-orchestra/

Quarashi vs The Iceland Symphony Orchestra 5

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