Quarashi will be performing with Gísli Pálmi on the 4th of june!

This is a translation of an article which appeared on Icelandic news-website visir.is on May 20th 2015.
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Quarashi will be performing with Gísli Pálmi on the 4th of june. „Gísli is creating an afterlife for Icelandic hiphop.“



Pictured are Egill Ólafur Thorarensen, Gísli Pálmi and Sölvi Blöndal. They are all great friends and will be performing at Gamla bíó on the 4th of June.VÍSIR/VILHELM


Kjartan Atli Kjartansson writes


“I still remember when I heard the first song by Gísli Pálmi,“ says Egill Ólafur Thorarensen, member of Quarashi. The band will be performing at Gísli Pálmi‘s release party, since the members of the band and Gísli have a strong friendship, as Egill continues to explain: “The first song I heard by him was Set mig í gang. After I listened to it once I went to my car and drove around with the song on. „Loft út um lúgur, kolsvartar rúður með borvél í skúrnum…“(Lyrics from the song in Icelandic) , It instantly caught my attention..“

Sölvi Blöndal, from Quarashi, agrees with Egill and says that Gísli has a special place in icelandic rap. “When a rapper like Gísli comes along, you can’t do anything but listen. A guy like this comes around maybe once every 16 years and his album is a milestone for icelandic hiphop.”

Gísli Pálmi in 2011, from the music video to the song Set mig í gang. The song got a lot of attention and Gísli Pálmi has been a leading figure in Icelandic rap ever since.


“I got to know Gísli four years ago, he played a few songs for me that he’d been working on. I was completely dumbstruck.” Says Sölvi and continues: “After that we became friends. And it has been amazing to watch him grow as a musician.”
Sölvi is excited about the release-concert and urges everyone to show up. “This is a guy who is nothing like anything else that’s going on and the songs are great. Gísli is creating an afterlife for Icelandic hiphop.”

Egill agrees with Sölvi’s words and says that a brotherhood was formed after Gísli and the members of Quarashi met for the first time.”Gísli is the only one who has managed to drag me into a studio to record rap in icelandic,” he adds. He raps on Gísli’s album for the song 5AM and that is the first time that Egill publicly raps in icelandic, having only rapped in English before. The song has received good reviews and the critic who wrote a review on Gísli’s album for Fréttablaðið praised Egill for his part in the song.


Steinar Fjelsted to the left, Sölvi Blöndal in the middle and Egill Ólafur Thorarensen to the right. The mythical band Quarashi has been on the frontline of Icelandic rap-music for decades.


Make something memorable
“We are trying to capture a feeling, create a good vibe and make something memorable,” says Egill about the release-concert. Gísli himself says he’s thrilled to get Egill, Sölvi and Steinar Fjeldsted to perform at the concert, since the band has been amongst his favorites for a long time.
“ It is such an honor to have them perform that evening. Words cannot describe. When it comes to rap, people often want to get competitive and state a lot of things. But I can truly say that one Icelandic rap-group has kept me on my toes song after song, album after album and that is Quarashi. “

Gísli adds that after he got to know the members of the band they sort of formed a brotherhood between them which is still very strong.

“We instantly became very close,” he explains and Egill adds: “That’s why I really wanted to perform at his concert.On those premises; that we would perform there because we have connected in such a strong way.”
Tickets for Gísli Pálmi’s concert will go on sale at noon tomorrow at the website tix.is. Sales becine at 12:00


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