A novelty in music release

Saturday, September 18th, 1999 – People in the news

Quarashi releases a single on mbl.is


A novelty in music release

QUARASHI along with the Morgunblað on the internet, mbl.is, together with Japis released the bands latest single online yesterday at an event at Hard Rock Café.  The song Stick’Em Up is released on mp3 form, which is the most popular distribution form of music online today. Guests of mbl.is can thus, without any cost download the song, play it on their own computer or burn it on a cd. It is also possible to get a cover for the single, print it and put it into a jewel case. This is the first time that music is released in this form in Iceland.

Interesting technology that helps

Ingibjorg Sólrún (mayor of Reykjavík at the time) was the first person to download the song. She congratulated the pioneers with the enterprise, “This new side of a very interesting technology that will help musicians further themselves with out any middleman, and give people a better access to music than they’ve had previously.”

Stefán Ingólfsson, co-worker of Quarashi, says that the guys had wanted to make a physical single but that they don’t pay off anymore. To release one song online is the way to give those who later will buy the album a free sample.

“This type of media is a unique opportunity for bands who want to further themselves in the local and foreign market. We picked mbl.is because we wanter to do this with a trustworthy party, in consultation with the union of musicians and keep it positive from the beginning. It’s vital to give this type of release a good image because of pirate releases.”

Will probably increase

The chairman of the association of musicians and lyricists, Magnús Kjartansson,  says that up until now people have been given the chance to hear short pieces of songs on websites. “On the other hand this is the first time that a song is actually released officially in this way. And I celebrate the fact that it was done with such a big and reliable party as the Morgunblaðið is. This will probably become increasingly common and it will be curious to witness where things will go, will entire cd’s be sold online this way in the future?”

“Music, litterature and other artforms that are suitable on the internet will be there for the people who want that. But that aside it’s still a long way until people will want to completely skip the fun of going shopping. This will only be an addition and it’s our hope that in the next years it will mostly be done for introduction and in that way a perfect opportunity for artists who want to promote themselves…the machine of all the people that a musician needs to go through to get released or promoted is heavy and in need of money.”

Morgunblaðið/Árni Sæberg Quarashi-meðlimir og borgarstjóri voru samtaka í útgáfu “Stick’em Up” í gær.

Quarashi MBL Sept 1999

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