Ómar from Quarashi fools his friends


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15:00 01. APRIL 2016



The album cover was quite elegant.VÍSIR/ÓMAR HAUKSSON


Fans of Ómar Hauksson, one of Quarashi‘s rappers, who ran out to the record stores today to buy his brand new vinyl record were sorely disappointed. The release was an April fools’ prank. Ómar had posted an announcement for an unexpected record release with a picture on his Facebook wall this morning.

Ómar works as a graphic designer and was therefore able to make a rather convincing picture of a vinyl record album cover which was supposed to have arrived to the country. It was presented under his stage name Swarez while the album itself had the funny name “Oh Mar” ( a play on his name loosely translated as “Oh, Man.” ) Quite a few people seem to have bought into the prank although it’s not known how many people  attempted to buy the record.

The question remains that since the reaction to his prank was so positive, isn’t it perhaps time for the rapper to start his solo career?


All credit goes to Ómar Örn Hauksson and Visir.is


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