Lyrics – Chicago


Verse 1


Feeling easy and light like i’m bout to take flight

got all my plans figured plus i’m sleeping at night

stole the plunder back disappeared –

Tiny: it’s been 2500 years

Hössi: now we’re back like the copycat 

Tiny: funded by racketeers


the syndicate renegades, we’re rocking in any age

we’ve been in this game since the internet early days


Mix Business with pleasure forever wake up the beast

i’m getting so high my mind is splitting the sky like a sheet

on weekends i dazzle, you know i like keeping like it casual 

weekdays i put in work like i was building a castle

Hössi: i try to touch down on everything 

Tiny: i flirt with the clever things

Hössi: cause we’re 2500 man 

Tiny: and plenty for any king


Verse 2


Fuck a raincoat by gucci 

My life is Lucio Fulci

Live in a house by the cemetery 

Shit i’m a mercenary


I’m back with that old shit i fuck with that old spit

been gone for a minute but now i’m back on that old tit


Grumpy old man holy shit i’m a grandpa

Tougher and meaner I use my voice like a chainsaw

Pioneer with the attitude

I don’t give a fuck show me gratitude


Verse 3


Strains in my pocket i’m always strange but i love it

Gotta couple of nuggets just for your brain to start buzzing 

man what you doing i’m digging it we could build a foundation 

i’m just saying let’s kick it and this is my invitation 

they call me homie mad liquorice fresh to death man i’m cooling

you know my style is ridiculous 

Hössi: you know we’re keeping it moving

Tiny: I bump this here for my peoples, 


I kick a hole in the speaker

and pull the plug like Rakim on the microphone fiend

in the night before i light up and roll up the blend

in this hour see sun go down and come up again

Steini: a little q back in your life 

Hössi: Yeah we’re doing it right

Steini: it was real 

Hössi: so much love, 

Steini: so we came back on them like 


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