Guerilla Disco – 2004

Guerilla Disco was released in Iceland 2004 and Japan 2005. This was the first CD featuring the new-commer Tiny who was recruited to fill Hössi’s shoes after he left the band.

The album’s working-title was Payback (the name of the opening track) but was later changed to ‘Guerilla Disco’, the name of an older Quarashi instrumental.

This album saw a dramatic change in style for Quarashi as they incorporated Tiny’s gangsta-rap style into their music and moved on from their earlier more punk/rock oriented sound.

As a lyricist Tiny was a great addition to Quarashi suppling their songs with tight and meaningful lyrics. Tiny has also said that most of his lyrics are based on true life accounts.

Sölvi was the sole producer on this album.

Guerilla Disco - Japan