Kristnihald Undir Jökli – 2001

Kristnihald Undir Jökli was released on September 22, 2001 by the Icelandic record label Sproti. The album contains the soundtrack to an Icelandic play and is therefore mainly instrumental.

The play was based on Halldór Laxness novel of the same title which translates into English as Christianity at Glacier (later republished as Under the Glacier). It was directed by Bergur Þór Ingólfsson and ran in the Borgarleikhús in the winter of 2001.

KUJ was produced by Sölvi and Hössi and this was the first time in which they sat down together with nothing and worked together at composing and producing everything.

KUJ offers a fusion of traditional Icelandic classical music with techno, electronic music, jazz and rock. Neither Ómar nor Steini worked on this album but it was released under the Quarashi name all the same. Only 500 copies were made making this another rare Quarashi CD.

Kristnihald Undir Jökli