The Quarashi Source –

The Quarashi Source is a fan-site and is owned by Markus. We want to give special thanks to Markus because his website inspired us and was also the best place to go to talk to other fans at the time, he was the one with all the inside info and rare audio, the go-to fan-page for everything Quarashi!  The site still boasts a detailed discography and the best gigography out there.


Quarashi Music –
Quarashi Music Forum –

Quarashi Music is a page dedicated to Quarashi audio. Here you can download all of Quarashi’s official album releases as well as loads of rare and exclusive tracks for free. Owned by Dray who is one of the nicest fans out there he has also put up a new forum for fans to interact. Please check it out and get involved.


Quarashi (Official) –

This is Quarashi’s official facebook page, like it and be on top of all the latest news.


Quarashi on Wikipedia-

This is a Wikipedia article about Quarashi for those who want further information


The (Old) Quarashi Vibe-

The Quarashi Vibe back in its youth when it was hosted by freewebs. For when you’re feeling nostalgic.