In 2001, Quarashi became the first ever hip hop/rap act to perform live with a 70-piece Symphony Orchestra.[divider style=”solid” color=”#eeeeee” width=”1px”]

At the initiative of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Quarashi and arranger Thorvaldur Bjarni Thorvaldsson combined their efforts in making a symphonic version of 6 quarashi songs. The outcome was only performed once in front of live audience in Reykjavik in the fall of 2001. The arrangements were characterized by a wide array of incluence everything from from Mahler to Lalo Schifrin combined with Quarashi’s style and influence.

There are no known plans for releasing this material but the recordings have had limited circulation online. Now here’s your chance to hear the concert the way it was meant to be heard. The concert has been released here on The Quarashi Vibe, Quarashi (official) and YouTube and it’s now also available for download below!

The Quarashi lineup at the concert included Sölvi Blöndal, Höskuldur Ólafsson, Steini Fjeldsted and Ómar Hauksson. Along with Quarashi’s best known songs is a song never heard live before or since called Dive In. The arranger Torvaldur Bjarni insisted on including this song and in the end the band yielded. Other songs such as Baseline, Stick Em up and Copycat were natural choices for this concert.



Quarashi vs The Iceland Symphony Orchestra 5[/col2][col2]Sinfo-tracklist[/col2]

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 Advertising for the concert at Háskólabíó, Iceland.




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Day 1 – Baseline

Day 2 – Malone Lives


Day 3 – Mr. Jinx

Day 4 – Copycat

Day 5 – Transparent Parents

Day 6 – Dive In

Day 7 – Stick ‘Em Up

Bonus Track – Dive In (With Strings)