Xeneizes – 1999

Xeneizes was released on October 25, 1999 in 6000 copies which were all sold, yet again making a Quarashi album go gold in Iceland.

The name of the album “Xeneizes” stems from a nickname that is given to fans of the Argentine football team Boca Juniors. The album has some unmistakable South American influences which are said to be caused by Sölvi Blöndal’s trip to South America in 1998 where he became fascinated with the culture.

At the time of the albums release the line up of the band was the same, yet again they were joined by Ómar Swarez who featured on two songs, Stick ‘En Up and Punk. They also benefited from the presence of a new DJ, DJ Dice and the help of guitarists Smári “Tarfur# Jósepsson (who later went on tour with them) and Viðar Hákon Gíslason. Their bassist was Gaukur Úlfarsson (Who is now a director and has worked on some of Quarash’s documentaries.)The album was co-produced by Hrannar Ingimarsson and Sölvi Blöndal.

This album contains what is probably the first Icelandic rap-battle song where Hössi battles against another Icelandic rapper named Ciphah.

What is probably the most important thing about Xeneizes though, is that this is the album that got Quarashi noticed by EMI Music Resources and lead to them signing a deal with Columbia Records.